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Meet Wedding planner and event planner Christina Logan
Owner and Lead Nashville Event Planner Christina Logan

There are a ton of planners out there, Nashville is SUCH a hot spot for weddings - so why in the world should you choose us?  Is it because we have over 15 years in the event industry?  Or because we have seen just about ever scenario under the sun play out and we can trouble shoot anything on the spot?  Is it because we love design and keep on top of all the trends and know all the best vendors in town so we can make your wedding truly show your vision?

Honestly, we think it's because we're fiercely loyal to our clients and actually care that they get the event they're envisioning.  It's because we love working with parents that want to be involved and we care about making everyone feel good and truly heard.  We've got your back and are going to stand by your side and represent you even when things get tricky.  Because events are tricky!  Weddings are personal.  And we're here to walk beside you and make sure you're comfortable the entire journey until we send you out the door at the end of the evening.


From intimate affairs to high-profile productions, we have built this business on the values of excellence, originality and caring about our clients. We hope you'll take this journey with us.


Christina lives in an all-boy household and needs every moment of planning so her life doesn't revolve solely around sports! Fueled on coffee, red wine and laughter, she love every moment of this job and the clients that trust her with their special moments!

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Abby is our in-house fashionista and is a personal stylist by day.  You can find her working on all events since 2021, except for that time she got appendicitis ... But she is also behind the scenes taking care of all of our socials and marketing.  She is a light of positive energy, rarely will you find her in make-up, and she loves to get on the lake and kayak or enjoy a beer with her long-time boyfriend while watching the Titans on football Sundays!  Titan up!

MaryAnn is our newest Southerner, but absolutely loves everything Tennessee has to offer!  She is our lead coordinator and kills it at running a show and keeping everyone on track - plus she is excellent at helping keep parents at ease.  Favorite things include cycling, exploring every distillery TN has to offer, and attending live sporting events with her husband!

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